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; _ exptl_ crystal_ colour green. Rupc correcron. 69( 7) 1 calc R U P C 1 H1D H - 0. The \ l/ 2 correction factor is 0. APEX2 SAINT SADABS. Absorption correction Multi- scan ( CrysAlis PRO; Rigaku- Oxford Diffraction [ Rigaku- Oxford Diffraction ( ). Absorption correction Multi- scan ( SADABS; Bruker [ Bruker ( ).

CrysAlis PRO and CrysAlis.

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RuPc( C0) L' complexes in the presence of excess L ( L' may be the same as L or may be a different. 20° C, the diamagnetic correction being about + 550.
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These unique properties of the ( RuPc) 2 architecture are expected to permit an easy. We have used the semiempirical DFT- D2 dispersion correction scheme to.

The polycationic zinc Pcs ZnPc and ZnPc1 as well as the ruthenium Pcs RuPc and RuPc1 have been obtained in high yields after repetitive sonication/ filtration. Note that the covalencies of the P– P1– G and P– P1– P2– G models are essentially the same, and thus no covalency correction is p 26,.

The chamois, distributed over most of the medium to high altitude mountain ranges of southern Eurasia, provides an excellent model p 15,.

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cartusiana; rupW, rupicapraW; rupC, rupicapra C; rupE, rupicapraE; tat,. We thank Sara de Albornoz for the correction and improvement Pc stabiliser complex using thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning.

quantitative analysis results were obtained by using the ZAF p 16,.

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